Englische Übersetzung

Ich freue mich total Euch mitteilen zu dürfen, dass die englische Übersetzung von „Die Sklavin des Drachenreiters“ bereits in den Amazon-Shops zu haben ist.

Und hier ein kleiner Auszug:

Sinja stared into the darkness. She had heard a noise, but could see absolutely nothing. A fire suddenly lit up and she recognised the burning red pupils of a zjerta, approaching her with a sickening grin, and carrying her father’s head in his claw-like fingers as a trophy. His stench enveloped her, his other claw reaching out for her. She screamed in terror, flailing about, defending herself as best she could. Artyom’s voice sounded in her dream, and she woke up drenched in sweat, her heart racing, looking directly into the face of her master. He was kneeling over her, holding her arms together above her head with one hand, pressing her into the mattress with his weight, while tenderly stroking her cheek with the other. “It is only a dream” he calmed quietly. She looked at him completely distraught, remembering the dream and a shudder of fear shook through her. The dragon rider slowly let her hands go, climbing down from her and the bed, but as he stood she reached timidly for his hand. “Please master, stay awhile” she whispered fearfully. The moon lit the room in turquoise, providing enough light for her to see his concerned expression. He nodded, and sat on the edge of the bed, looking worried. “Would you like to tell me about the dream? It would be good for you” he offered affectionately, she only shaking her head with a forced smile. “No master, I do not want to burden you” she declined quietly. She would have gladly told him about her nightmares and sought his advice on how she could sleep normally again, but she unfortunately didn’t dare. “Please little one, it really is no problem, and perhaps it will help you” he replied calmly, gently stroking her cheek again, lending her a feeling of closeness. “It’s always the same dream. I stare into the darkness and see nothing, absolutely nothing. Then the glowing eye of a zjerta emerges from the darkness, and he’s holding my father’s head in his hand” she managed to get out, the tears running down her cheeks. ”He reaches out for me, and I have the dead face of my daddy right before my eyes” she sobbed, before breaking off. Artyom pulled her gently onto his lap, wrapping both arms around her and holding her head to his bare chest, rocking her back and forth like a small child. “I will not let anyone hurt you” he whispered into her ear. She clung to him, trembling with the tears. So far she had been strong, suppressing her feelings, but right now, at this early hour, she just couldn’t take it anymore, the experiences of the last few days breaking powerfully over her as a torrent of tears, the fear, the sorrow, and the anger all coming forcibly to the surface, while her master held her pressed closely to him. “Cry your eyes out, it will do you good” he murmured, reassuringly stroking her back, with her tears running down his chest as she desperately clung to him.


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