Sneak-peek of „Slave-Girl of the Dragon Rider

Today I have a short sneak-peek of my new translated book: „Slave-Girl of the Dragon Rider“


“I want to talk to her alone” he suddenly demanded with a deep, but surprisingly pleasant voice. “But please my lord, that’s really asking too much. No one will believe she’s a virgin if the customers see you disappear into a tent with her” the slaver protested. An icy cold glance from the steely-grey eyes met him, and the slaver could only stammer out disjointed half-sentences, lacking the courage to openly confront the dragon rider, but still did not want to let his business be ruined. “I want to talk to her, – alone” the man repeated, dangerously quietly, his heavy tone carrying both threat and warning. Sinja would have gladly thrown herself at the slavers feet not to have to go with this frightening master, but the slaver duly nodded, stooping to unlock the chain which bound her to the remaining slaves. “Take off the shackles” ordered the dragon rider. With a resigned sigh the man obeyed, unlocked the manacles, and put them aside. It was clear from his face that he would have liked to give the arrogant man a piece of his mind, but would never dare, quickly grabbing the chain attached to her collar and dragging her from the tent. Trembling and stumbling, she had no option but to follow him to the second tent, where he pushed her to the ground, hissing “I’ll be waiting outside” to remind her that any thought of escape was pointless.
For a moment there was silence before the dragon rider pulled her to her feet and forcefully examined her. No detail seemed to escape him, from the long black hair, the royal blue eyes, to her trim, petite figure. “Promise not to flee, to obey me, and I will take you with me” he demanded quietly. Sinja’s eyes opened wide and looked at him as if he had lost his mind. A nomad neither broke their word nor forgot their pride; voluntary submission did not come into question. Slowly she shook her head, “no way” she uttered, forgetting for a moment everything the slavers had so painfully taught her, suddenly remembering that she had no right to look him in the face, and certainly not to give such a response, but he only laughed derisively. “Look at the scum standing in front of the platform. I assure you that none of these bastards has any interest in your safety” he made clear, pushing the cover a little aside from the entrance. Through the opening Sinja could again see the collection of monstrous creatures, and shook once more in disgust. The dragon rider offered her his hand and waited, motionless, for her decision. It was bizarre enough that he was giving her a choice; she had expected him to simply take what he wanted, but was it at all possible for her to keep that promise? By giving her word, she would be binding herself to him indefinitely. Her nervous gaze kept flicking to the crowd raging in front of the platform, loudly demanding to see the slaves, finally deciding he was the lesser of two evils. After all, he wasn’t forcing her; he was leaving it up to her whether she went with him, even though he could have decided entirely for himself. “I promise” she whispered, bowing her head as she took his hand. With a jerk he pulled her to him, put an arm around her, and pressed her tightly to his bare muscular chest. Startled, she opened her eyes and at first tried to resist, but a hardly noticeable shake of the head stopped her. Horrified, she felt his fingertips gliding gently over her body, but somehow, also feeling safe for the first time since the attack. Abruptly he let go, then grabbed the iron chain on her collar to lead her out of the tent. The slaver was on the spot immediately, but the man no longer paid him any attention, simply tossing him a heavy purse in passing. Sinja followed with downcast eyes while he held the chain firmly in his grip. The two slaves he had bought trotted after them, overseen by some unassuming little man. On the opposite side of the square stood a sedan, and the dragon rider walked toward it.

You want to know the rest of the story? Just have a look at


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